Do Escorts Also Offer Tantric Massage Services?

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Whether or not escorts can provide tantric massage is a question we are asked every now and again. Before we go on to answer this, it’s probably a good idea to explain exactly what a Tantra massage is.

First, though, you’ve probably heard of a Tantric Massage service through such advocates of the technique such as the pop star “Sting” and his wife “Trudi Styler” (the couple boasted they could ‘make love for hours’ using it). Another big fan of the practice is the US singer “Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs” and “Kim Porte”, the mother of his twin girls.

How does Tantra massage differ from your typical Swedish massage?

A Tantra massage is a form of light and sensual touching which focuses in on sexual energy so that the recipient gains a higher state of consciousness (or eroticism). The touching aims to release blocked energy in the body. This energy – known as Kundalini – is believed to lie dormant at the bottom of the spine until it’s awakened by touch.

In order for Kundalini to awaken, the seven chakras which sit along the spine must first be brought to life. As a result, a key part of the massage consists of slowly – and sensually – moving along the spine.

The practice of Tantra actually goes as far back as 5000 years and is first believed to have been practised by Hindus in India.

Tantra massages are highly emotional but well worth it

Sexual arousal is extremely high in a Tantra massage, however, intercourse never actually takes place. Those who practice it say it can be incredibly relaxing but more than that – it can awaken parts of an individual that has lain repressed for a number of years.

The Of Tantra massage and breathing techniques

When practised thoroughly, the Tantra massage method can also involve a particular set of breathing techniques – known as pranayamas – which are aimed at getting the recipient to move energy from one part of the body to another. This involves self-discipline and control, especially when it centres around sudden sexual arousal.

How to book a Tantric massage service from a great source

If you like the sound of the physical and emotional benefits available via Tantric massage and would like to experience its delights for yourself then you should book a specialist tantric masseuse! There is a bevvy of beauties who practice this mysterious and fascinating technique and you would be crazy to miss out on such a sensual service.

We have great connections with a lot of tantric massage specialists and as part of running our blog, we also like to help out the local businesses who have supported us every step of the way.
This time we are recommending you give AJ London Escorts a try, they are mainly an escort agency but they also have a tantric massage part to their website and believe us when we say you won’t be disappointed, tantra is such a powerful art which you are currently missing out on.

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